Division 5 to 7 Freefall

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As the title says. I can't score , can't defend, the ball bounces off me, sticks to my opponent.

I haven't gotten one rebound goal in about 20 games (impossible) my opponents get three a game.

Every single 50/50 I lose, every time I'm through on goal my player takes three extra touches while waiting for the defender to get back or the keeper to come out.

My players pass the ball at 1mph while the opposition zip around on speed. Passes constantly going a yard or two behind or in front of my players just to slow down or break up my attacks.

If I tackle it bounces straight back, cover a pass it magically goes through my players legs. I pass within ten yards of the opposition and they slid out and intercept.

I was really enjoying the game at the start but my will to play the game is evaporating rapidly.

I know the solution is to buy some points and the game will magically level out but I'd rather ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in my hands and clap than give EA a cent. I've done this in the pass and can verify that it does make a difference.

New Fifa same old ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in FUT. Anyway sorry for the long rant but I if I had this rant to my girlfriend she'd probably leave me (and rightly so).
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