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The year of Messi?

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So I've always preferred taller more physical players but from what I've played so far smaller agile players with high dribbling seem the best with defending being alot harder, plus headers in general being dead. Low physical doesn't seem as bad this year when these small agile players can just avoid the defenders with L1 Dribbling etc...

I've had CR7 a couple times in draft and Messi was still the star of the show, after a rough start in draft going 3-4 where I was getting used to the new defending I've managed to win 2 drafts in a row and Messi was by far my best player, scoring the winner in both finals to.

Honestly may have to rethink what team I will go with.


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    Sorry was trying to download image.
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  • CfcBlue
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    I’d say so. Players with amazing agility are by far the standout players. I’ve used pele 91, mane, Jesus and they all feel meta. I can imagine Messi would tear it up
  • Orison
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    I played a few more drafts than you did (was struggling at the start as well), but I don’t think Messi is that great tbh.

    Yes against bad players he scores a lot and he's got insane dribbling, but he doesn't seem to be too involved in close games.

    Cr7 in the middle with 2 agile, quick dribblers around him is what worked best for me. Just can't dribble with him, he needs to get the ball, maybe do a scoop turn or so and then pass or get rid off the ball again.
  • CharlieC
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    I'm currently using David Silva and Ozil. Never would have done that in recent years.
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