Penalty tutorial

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Anybody care to explain step by step how to take a penalty???


  • Aguy9916
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    Much harder than before.

    Problem being that the player still looks in the direction hes aiming, the big problem is that you can no longer snap change the direction anymore to throw them off due to the delicate nature of aiming.

    If you forget about this then it's not so bad, aim with left stick, hold steady at desired spot... power up slightly to see the circle grow (dont go to far or it can be inaccurate) ... power up the kick and then try to time finish it by tapping shoot again as he kicks the I say this is easy but doing it this way your opponent will know which way you're going...

    To beat player looking in the direction you need to be able to aim quickly yet accurately and possibly switch sides before committing to confuse opponent... not easy I still cant do it its impossible to be fast with aiming as it's so delicate
  • P
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    Aim down the middle and hit it badly timed red. Then even you don't know where it's going but they generally still go on target.
  • LosBlancos
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    Cheers, my circle is always red. Is it ever green and how?
  • number7rocky
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    In WL there's going to be no circle? 😶
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