how’s cavani??

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anyone used him? any good?


  • BigPapiFifa89
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    Very good for me 👍🏻
  • BrettEmmett
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    Cavani was the first big purchase I made, used him for about 20 games. Good finisher, doesn’t win as many headers as I would like even with marksman chem, turns a bit slow in and around the box, not a great passer, but you know if you get a half decent chance that it’s going in the net. He’s normally always there to finish off the play. I can’t see myself selling him anytime soon.
  • aladdin
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    ledge. thanks guys
  • Benja190782
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    Cavani is the guy where people will understand what Heading accuracy means.

    People think they can head like 19, where David Silva was better at Heading than Bas Dost.

    Now it’s different. Stats means something now.

    Cavani is no longer useless in FIFA.
  • aladdin
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    bumped - just in case
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