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Hey FIFA Fans.

With FIFA 20 launch in full swing, we wanted to give you a heads up about what’s coming down the pipe for gameplay as we move into full release and beyond.

Throughout the FIFA 20 development cycle, we have been conducting gameplay feedback sessions with various members of the FIFA community, ranging from players from our Pro communities, Gamechangers, new players and more casual players.

While this was always something that took place during development, we increased the number of sessions we were running, and made sure that we were gathering feedback at the right times.

While the feedback from the sessions earlier in the year went into the game as it was being developed, some of the feedback that we received from sessions in late August and early September, along with some of the feedback from the Closed Beta, needed more time to be worked on. Those updates will be coming into the game through the first few Title Updates planned for FIFA 20.

There are a few key things to know about those upcoming updates:
  1. These gameplay updates are driven off the feedback that we have received over the past few weeks, including the feedback from the Closed Beta.
  2. Most of the upcoming updates have been played by members of the community, with their feedback influencing those updates where appropriate.
  3. We are being cautious about every change that we are making and we are focused primarily around fixing bugs, not fundamental changes to gameplay. That being said, we also want to ensure that when we have clear and consistent feedback around a topic, that we are positioned to respond quickly where appropriate.

We will detail the updates contained within each Title Update in the accompanying Patch Notes, and doing deep dives where appropriate in the Pitch Notes. However, to give you an idea of the types of changes, weak goalkeeper deflections is a good example of the areas being focused on for these updates.

We will be actively monitoring all the feedback that comes our way through the launch period, as players get used to the gameplay in FIFA 20, and adapt to the updates that will come in the Title Updates.

We are looking forward to a great FIFA 20 cycle, and we want to take the time to thank every individual that helped us throughout the year with feedback, both positive and constructive.

Game on!

The FIFA Development Team

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