Between Access and Release

Will you guys be keeping or selling your starter squads/the squads you used in access?

I think i'm gonna sell up, but purely because i won't be playing for at least a month from release :(

Will just trade for now!


  • Olleman
    13169 posts Has That Special Something
    I'm probably the worst trader there is and know absolutely nothing about how prices work this time of year haha. Would I be better off buying my team on the 24th rather than now? Would like to pick up someone like De Bruyne and build around etc :)
  • Smudge
    4624 posts National Call-Up
    I'll probably keep until I decide to rage sell. That's usually how it works!
  • Cheetah Thumbs
    4385 posts National Call-Up
    I haven't sold anything except stuff from bpm. I bought the team for the league and nation basic 50k pack. Played the 10 games with that team for loyalty and will be submitting that so I can open it with rewards tonight.
  • Arron xox
    3026 posts National Call-Up
    Considering I get the full game on the 24th theres no point me selling mine as last year I did and they dipped for about an hour so I will stick with it
  • Moiizer
    7021 posts Big Money Move
    Can make pretty good profit right now but id rather be safe than sell up and prices do naff all lol
  • Southgatology
    575 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I’ve looked at a lot of price graphs today. Pretty much all dipped on release day, depending on your team could be an extra 100k for selling at the right time.
  • ContraCode64
    2078 posts Fans' Favourite
    Part selling, part keeping. Can't help but think prices are artificially high on a number of cards in part due to the number of players with poor price ranges that are now all but extinct - some for days now. I could well be wrong but I can't see cards like Sissoko or Akanji shooting up in value on release when they're sure to packed heavily.
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