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Make headers stronger

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Seeing as pes didnt work out well... i will prob be back at some point... make headers stronger or atleast better they are a disgrace right now


  • Kiido
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    Play Fifa 14 champ
  • number7rocky
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    Yea it's stupid, EA's answer to fixing something to op is to make them completely useless, just need to balance them
  • BadSeedsFC
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    Scored a couple of head bangers with Brooks before the early acces time run out. It's more difficult now, but it's possible. Try to use more the physical of the player before you press the action. It worked for me, both goals on corners. I'm using a short striker at the moment, so I'm yet to score during a normal action. But I'm planning to buy Poulsen as a super sub as soon as I get online on Friday.
  • SkyBlueSteve
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    VVD still scores headers from corners with ease
  • Splayer23
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    Kiido wrote: »
    Play Fifa 14 champ

    You beat me to saying that 🤣🤣
  • Avit32
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    You have to time your header, I've scored plenty so far.
  • greif44
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    Not an issue if you use players with high heading stat.
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