Am not buying if legacy is disabled online

Am tired of not using the product the way I want


  • JazzIsName
    383 posts Sunday League Hero
    That I can live with. Auto defending has to go.
  • blue166
    1054 posts Professional
    edited September 2019
    Legacy defending needs to stay gone. Period.

    Seriously OP learn the system it's been in the game years now. I can't believe some people still bring up legacy defending. It was pathetic at best.
  • J79B
    29 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Yeah and rebound goals are to much and rebound ball back to attackkers.. "Damn they got the bal" ..oh no i got it back, ok i score!!
  • Dunkirk
    476 posts Sunday League Hero
    Rebounds are terrible, hopefully the incoming patch has fixed that.
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