Game is straight horrible online

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There is no midfield in this game especially when defending

The touch is still awful

The game turns into a game of twist and turn

Pressing high up the pitch does not exist again because passing is too automated and blind passing is still op

Headers are hot garbage now, i know its always been a problem stopping them but now players are heading the ball out the stadium with wide open headers 3 yards from goal

How many years is it gonna take you to stop the ai fullbacks playing as centre midfielders when defending

Rebound tackles are still the main source for goals

I can deal with most of these issues but the defensive line having 0 protection every attack and then being forced into a game of twist and turn with the st and cb is just straight ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and ive tried every formation on clubs and seasons but one pass splits the midfield and defence every time and there is half a pitch gap between them, its desperation defending everytime praying that his 50 twists doesnt get the better of you, i should of recorded myself doing it tbh i did it in the box like 30 times with 1 player to eventually juke the contain and score
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