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    WL RESULTS 17-6

    Sancho rescues project England

    Well I **** up I built the Ultimate TOTS pack on my phone but I wanted to submit and open on the console so for some stupid reason I did't submit and I only got one pack and missed out on the boosted rate of Sancho and somehow got him regardless, it just goes to further show how much of a cluster F TOTS has been for me, I finally get a good player but its one 90% of the community got + a extra pack <3

    in any case he featured in just 7 games and was project Englands second top scorer with 10 goals if you can fit him in the team he felt superb.

    Fowler of dropping Rooney

    We where struggling to score goals dropping the nations top scorer may have been considered a risky move but Rooney is not the player he once was it was for the good for the team.

    *may have forgot to note scorers for some games

    GP 23 W 17 L 6 GF 51 GA 29 GD + 22

    W 3-1
    W 2-0
    W 7-1
    L PENS 2-1
    W 1-0
    W 3-2 AET
    W 3-2
    W P 1-1
    L 2-1
    L 4-3 AET
    W 1-0
    W 1-0
    L 4-3 AET
    W 2-1
    W 2-1
    Sancho Signs
    W 3-0
    L 3-1
    L 2-1
    W 2-1
    W 4-1
    W 2-0

    Ings 16
    Sancho 10
    Rooney 6
    Rashford 5
    Vernam 2
    Kent 2
    Grealish 2
    Toney 2
    Henderson 2
    Walcott 2

    Ings 10
    Scholes 5
    Rooney 4
    Vernam 4
    Kent 4
    Rashford 4
    Grealish 3
    Trippier 3
    Toney 2
    Walcott 2
    Gerrard 1
    Sancho 1

    A comment from the manager on the players

    Birthday Pope 7/10

    steady conceded two goals which honestly no other keeper has done early doors but performed better as the WL went on honestly never watched so many replays of my keepers saves because my opponent was sat there like "no way Pope saved that Pope" seemingly forgetting any card boost.

    TOTS Trippier 6/10
    Solid RB probably not worth the price put in one superb cross that curled away from the keeper and allowed a back stick tap in.

    TOTS Ben White 9/10
    The surprise package of the weekend this man did not make me miss TOTY Ligt in my team which is the biggest compliment I can pay him, felt like a monster and a huge presence on the pitch if he had better links well any links I would highly recommend giving this guy a try out/

    TOTS Smaldini 8/10
    His rivals debuts next to Ligt both resulted in me being 3-0 down in 20 IG minutes but next too White he was a different animal I suppose it's because Ligt does't have the pace of the mark that White does so Smalling was able to step up or in without fear of not having quick enough cover, he just bodied strikers out the way.

    TOTS Trent 7/10
    Such a odd card he does't do much wrong nor does he blow me out the water just a steady RB.

    Moments Scholes 7/10
    His 84 base card interceptions make him feel like a better duel CDM then he ever should be and the ability to make a pass from deep is on a new level the only issue he has in the current meta is if a winger gets in behind he cannot cover and bam I have to pull a defender out wide.

    TOTS Henderson 7/10
    I don't have a clue how Henderson and Scholes projected my back four neither are a out and out CDM but they did Henderson is a bulldog without the silk on the ball I don't think he scored or assisted for the first 15 games. Stats wise he is a 182k bargain but I don't feel I got the stats on the pitch.

    TOTS Rashford
    Reviewed him the other week

    Flashback Walcott 6/10
    Not around now of course the second FB of FIFA 20 making a WL team in June and who said I make bad choices ;) if he comes back for the promo sure do him but he is basically a special sterling.

    Flashback Rooney 5/10
    I know I know judas Rooney is a English and football legend but as a central CAM in june on FIFA 20 he does't cut it, I think you could play him in a CDM role or CM without a problem but such is the importance of the CAM in 4231 he just felt average.

    TOTS Ings 6/10

    On one hand you can't argue with his contributions to some degree top scorer and assister but i just felt he was missing some games when he gets a chance to score 90% of the time he will just did't seem to find himself in position to do so.

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    I personally really really like Hendo. Accepted that there could be some bias in there but he just seems to do everything really well. Not a fancy player but someone who does all the dirty work - wins the ball back, pops up with the occasional goal, tracks back.

    Just does everything and hasn’t made me once think “why are you in the team” like Flashback Allan has on a regular basis 😂
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    First off all I caved and self relegated for the first time this FIFA taking 21 defeats in a row as the club fell down to D8 however 15 wins in a row and the club is sat in Division 5 for the new week I also upgraded moments Jovic for his summer heat:

    TOTSM Allan is replaced by TOTS Henderson
    FB Rodrigo is replaced by SH Jovic
    TOTS Regulon is replaced by SH Mendy
    TOTS Rashford is replaced by TOTS Sancho



    Next week if i get time I will start the polls for who should be in our FIFA 20 TOTS given the cluster F of a chemistry the club is I may ignore chemistry for this voting system and allow the players to be voted in purely on a best performance basis.

    ROAD TO 1000 GOALS


    I think my last goal is too get this man to 1000 goals from CAM! then I will be ready to move onto the 2020 club captain and leader of first owner RTG.

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    Summer Heat signings


    Foden and HL Sterling joined project England


    I don't know how many of these I will do i was planning on one a week using my G3 WL reds and whatever I get from rivals packs in the hope of a Pele reunion currently have 700k in the panic and still a fair bit of fodder so was debating more icon packs or unlocking player moments Lucas if I can. I was working on 94 Bruno but he is lightly to go into a SBC.

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    Does Fabinho fit your current squad?
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    Does Fabinho fit your current squad?

    Wrong RTG not right now but if Dembele wins the vote he will do.
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    ICON 3
    ICON 4
    ICON 5
    ICON 6

    88+ Pack

    As the first big pull of FIFA 20 I am glad that Kante will forever have a place in the club now apart from that though it was awful as for the Icon RIP! again nice to see Pirlo return will most likely keep him and not put him back in.

    The Icons to keep me going


    I will continue to use fodder and objective players until I A: run out of coins B: pack one of these should Rio join Project England FT Messi will be my main team any others I will use the team I have worked to get this year.

    Dembele joins


    I decided not to be a complete fool and make one more big signing in Dembele replaces Hazard in the main team and he was part of the first E3 finish of FIFA 20 so was good to get him into the club.

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    Looking good, anything on Ribery to join Dembele or nah?
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    Keano wrote: »
    Looking good, anything on Ribery to join Dembele or nah?

    I can get him in the team but comparing his stats to Sancho I am not sure if it’s worth it.

    5* WF V outside foot shot and finesse trait and 99 finishing.

    I did 2 icons today maybe that was a bad choice but I’m not sure I would get any joy from using Frank.
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