Anyone used Perisic?

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Gonna play him at LM in 4231 wide. Anyone tried him out yet? He was an absolute don last year so hoping for more of the same


  • Moopycamel
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    I have tried him. Feels quite good in game
  • JoCo1214
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    Use him at ST in a 4321 and he's doing really well.
  • Benja190782
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    I use him in an 4231 (2) wide formation with 6 depth and width. Just balanced PI on him.

    Running with him while pressing the left trigger will bully anyone off him. He’s so damn good this year if you know how to play prober football. He seems very powerful and balanced.
  • Cbn
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    Packed him and using him 442 as ST, so good that I might have to build around him
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