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Scoring from inside the box

2555 posts Fans' Favourite
Im struggling to score within the box, SB’s DR’s all been a bit of frustration for me!
Keeper seems to be saving everything.
Anyone else struggling to score close range?


  • Wi1son73
    2555 posts Fans' Favourite
    I know it’s early day, still getting to grips with my team. Do you use timed finish in
  • Edward220967
    1572 posts Play-Off Hero
    I think it's just harder to score than last year but i don't really mind
  • BombSquadPuppy
    2176 posts Fans' Favourite
    The only goals i score are from inside the box, just position yourself better and take the shot when youre open, if not pass back to your defenders to readjust for the attack again
  • Retro_G
    31906 posts National Team Captain
    I'm turning off timed finishing, looking up some YouTube vids, noticed most people who aren't struggling with scoring have timed finishing turned off.
  • Wi1son73
    2555 posts Fans' Favourite
    I’ll switch off TF aww if that makes a difference 👍🏻
  • RebelRob
    5960 posts Big Money Move
    Finesse and tap shoot for a bottom corner finish?
  • Dinksy
    2173 posts Fans' Favourite
    just shoot normally (no timed finishing) for the corners. Im finding getting the ball air born is helping massively, managed to score 31 goals in those first 5 division rivals placing games
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