How to get the trial to work (Asia) if my EA Access auto-renews?

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@chongger1990 @BabaTAN saw from the other thread how you guys got it to work by extending your EA Access and re-download it

Do you guys have an auto-renew subscription? Just checking if extending would work in such case. I just wanted to buy some FPs to open packs and getting the trial fixed is the only way to do so.



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    nvm... i deleted the game, turned off auto-renew, extended a month, and finally could download again...

    but b4 i deleted the file i did manage to open it from the library and the game stayed on the FIFA20 wallpaper screen then the pre-order counter kicks in and couldn't go further (and when i back out to home screen at this point the counter under the app icon would actually show "start" for 1 sec before showing the counter again)

    Managed to start the trial after downloading the first part and to check that my trial counter is right. Just have to wait for another hour to get into FUT now
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