Camera options in VOLTA matches

Hi guys.

I have been playing FIFA20 since the Origin access premier launch, and it's nice.
But seriously, what's up exactly with the camera in VOLTA mode? Does anyone know? You don't have the option to change it, and it's a bit frustrating. I usually like to play with an end-to-end camera style, which is possible in the normal game mode but not in Volta. I can'f find any info on why that is.

Similar problem (but almost worst) during playback. Can't move the camera at all, only option is to choose a player to focus on, which is almost useless since you can't zoom in or rotate. Why is that? I doubt developers would answer that but if anyone has sources on them commenting on it, or if they plan to patch it at the official launch...


  • Pwalie86
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    I play on broadcast so that's a little annoying.
  • Designer
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    Agreed. There should be more options, it's unacceptable that the options are there in a normal matchday game but not Volta. At least a closeup camera should be available, so they look quite big like NBA Street. And a cel-shaded graphics option to make it more street-cartoony would have also been a nice touch.
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