Trial is out! Link inside(new and up again!)



  • They’re rolling it out, just got access now
  • I’ve downloaded the pre order full game already. I won’t have to download it on ea access as well will I?
  • GETEM555
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    can’t get image to work nvm
  • Edu
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    I already pre-ordered and downloaded, do i need to download the trial or just play?
  • PelzyWelzy
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    FUT_Moe wrote: »
    I restarted the Xbox, still not showing up in trials, and FIFA 20 is crashing in the store after that video.

    Haha yeah I’m getting that too, during the Volta stuff :joy:
  • FUT_Moe
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    Just restarted my Xbox again and it's now under Trials in EA Access in Canada.
  • NornIron wrote: »
    EA access hub games, game trials FIFA 20.
    It's 43.98gb on Xbox.
    I don't have it pre ordered.

    On XBOX - Go to XBOX Dashboard, hold down the Home Button and select Restart Console wait a couple of minutes until you are back on the Home Screen. Load EA Access and then it should appear in the Games - Game Trials Section alongside Madden & NHL.
  • Ghotti
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    gg ea. i`m not even able to download hub :D what a another "suprise" from EA site.
  • Keano
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    people are saying the glitch doesn't work anymore... if so that's some bs.

    I get the games release isn't till tues or fri (depending what version you get), but if others are getting the full edition today, then it's just EA being EA as per... shouldn't get annoyed at it anymore, but I do.
  • Olleman
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    And I'm over here trying to download the COD Beta but it won't let me :joy: Got the early access down tho B)
  • IamZlatan10
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    I just got my pre Order packs when I went in... not sure if I was meant too? Loan icons etc? I got another 5 packs on the trial
  • SimenHP
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    So does everyone have to download the game again after already download the game a few weeks ago?

    Edit: Just checked. EA Access wanted me to do it, but you could just stop the new download and play on the old downloaded game
  • BristolMDF
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    Not getting home til 8ish, is the trial working then? I’ve already downloaded the pre order so can I get straight in?
  • BristolMDF
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    Has anyone tested the EA Access/FIFA20 icon glitch?
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