When to open packs?

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Wait till OTW are in packs or open them in early access? Planned 12k fifa points for starter


  • Grezzerk
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    I’m doing 12k on early access and 12k on release. If you pack a otw player in ea access then when there otw version is released there price will go up even higher
  • D14
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    You'd be more sensible to wait until totw is in packs (assuming web app is out before), failing that waiting to OTW would be the absolute best time for packs, however you'd have wasted time you could have spent trading your coins to get more...

    It depends how patient you are and how much you trade/play.
  • tvrfan
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    So open at early access.. Don't wait for totw or OTW and trade up is better?
  • deang07
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    early access
  • Markman007
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    Open right away, as a lot of those NIF golds will sell for good prices during early access.
  • lfcsuiteynwa
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    early access
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