Welcome to your new FIFA 20 Pro Clubs sections

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Welcome to your new FIFA 20 Pro Clubs sections. We've kept the section layout from last year so hopefully it'll be familiar to you all.

The three Pro Clubs sections are:
  • Pro Clubs (this section) - This is the main section which you can use for all general discussion of the mode which does not fit into another child category.
  • Pro Clubs Recruitment - This is the section for you if you are looking for a new club or have a club and want to recruit players. If you have a team and want to recruit more players then please make a thread in the section. However, if you are an individual who wishes to join an existing club then please use the Free Agent Recruitment Thread.
  • Competitive Clubs - This is the location for all forum teams who want a place to show off their achievements and have friendly and competitive matches against other teams. If you've got a forum team then make a thread in here. You can find more details about this section in this thread.

If you've got any questions then send @Alastair a PM. :)
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