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Welcome to the new FIFA 20 forums.

This section is for general discussion of the 'Core' part of FIFA 20. This covers all non-FUT modes in the game. To discuss FUT please use the FUT sections which you can find here. You can find all the other forum sections which cover Off Topic (non-FIFA) and Real Football discussion as well as every game mode on FIFAs past and present here.

Before you post I suggest you read the Forum Rules.

Please try and keep this section for non game mode specific discussion, for that please use the appropriate subsections which you can find to the right of this page.

If you have any questions about the forum then please send one of the Core FIFA moderators a PM. Please don't contact us about game related questions, make a thread instead because we will not be able to help with game related questions. The Core FIFA moderators are:

The following list contains threads which you may find useful:
If you feel a thread should be added to this list then please send me a PM.
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