433(x) / non-meta formations discussion thread - various formation CTs in first post


  • nicitel32
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    EisenErmin wrote: »
    14-6 for Gold 3 and I am done.

    Just faced a team including PIM Ronaldo, PIM Ronaldinho and TOTY Ronaldo.... guess what:
    He had 11 players in his box all the time. His ST PIM Ronaldo had 9 tacles while his CDM and CB had 1 or 2 each.

    I really cannot stand this ridiculous gameplay any longer. That´s me done with fifa and there is no way I will touch this game again. I will not even open my rewards on thursday.

    See you all in a couple of weeks when I am back for Fifa 21. From what I have seen so far, Fifa 21 will be even worse in termes of ridiculous dribbling, dragback and all these crap....
    I will most likely miss the first week of fifa 21 because of rehab, but I´ll be back to help ruling the non meta world !

    hello..good luck with rehab
    i will be 100% back for fifa 21 with some non meta tactics
    i am taking break from the game now..did not play last 4 days and cant see myseld turn the console on for some more days...
  • Amargaladaster26
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    Finished 17-8, so not amazing. It was fun though, there was practically no small and agile player starting, so really not a meta team :joy: Quartet of Ibra, Rebic, Kaka and Kessie with double digit goals and assists among team :)

    That Rebic card is especially absolutely insane, what a player.

  • freddfranca
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    Well, the Italian Squad was a complete failure.
    I realized that I’m not good enough to play completely out of meta, was impossible to me win matches when all my players were slower than the other team. I was 4-15, when I decided sold my squad and mane another one . So I went like this

    FB Buffon
    Telles — PIM Puyol — Varane — PIM Zambrotta
    Prime Matthaus — Cazorla (yes, I know...)
    PIM Rivaldo — PIM Sócrates — Prime Del Piero
    PIM Butra

    Played 6 games with this squad, got 5 victories and now I have 5 games to try 2 wins and get Silver 1 again.
    Sócrates is a monster, is playing very well as central CAM. Wish me luck in these games left

    Edit: played 2 games and won them both, one rage quit 2-0 😆
    Never had a victory streak like this, still 3 games left but I will stay happy in th silver 1, too much stress this week already

    And, the savior of my WL was Socrates, 8 games 9 goals 4 assists. He really made the difference for me, one of the best players I used so far
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    EisenErmin wrote: »
    Tennster10 wrote: »
    I just can’t stop myself 😭 i play the Weekend league.
    4-1 atm. Playing 352


    Mind sharing your tactic and instructions? I could use a 352 to go with my main 3412 formation.

    That said, the 3412 is the new real life formation of my favorite club Eintracht Braunschweig (just promoted to 2. Bundesliga). We did beat Hertha BSC Berlin (1. Bundesliga) in an amazing cup match yesterday evening with 5-4 in 90 minutes (!!!) using a 3412. I love it :smile:

    I followed this guide from Red dit.


    This is it for me. I couldn’t finish my game. So i wont have enough points for next WL. Thx guys for make the game enjoyable, despite its flaws. This thread always keep me interested in the game.
    See you in fifa 21!
  • freddfranca
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    Hey guys, do you already have an idea of how your starter squad in 21 will look like? I always have trouble to decide from where I should start
  • nicitel32
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    Hey guys, do you already have an idea of how your starter squad in 21 will look like? I always have trouble to decide from where I should start

    I guess IF i pack something decent untradeable at the štart i Will go from there. Than saving to get cr7 asap, hopefully štart of november i can get him
  • nicitel32
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    i turned console on, after 10 in game minutes ragequit after he celebrated after garbage goal with the run into camera
    lol i cant stand f20 anymore...cant wait to rage again in f21
  • Notformeclive
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    Best goalkeeper and centre back combination please. (TOTS unless stated)

    a) TOTY DeLigt and Szczesny
    b) SH Mendy (7 chem) and Ter Stegen
    c) Diego Carlos and Ter Stegen
    d) Opara (8) and Courtois
    e) Other (please state)

    I don't have enough for TOTS Varane unfortunately.

    Here is the rest:


    Thank you.

  • nicitel32
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    hey guys, so no demo this year, which is kinda good, because i wont have time to play it anyway and i will be more hyped for the game.
    u guys buying standard edition? or the one with 3 days earlier?
    and u gonna buy ps5?
  • nicitel32
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    Hope someone will make this thread for fifa 21 aswell...see you there guys
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