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XBOX Mods and Forum Feedback

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Seems like a more appropriate route for Moderation and Forum feedback would be a community visible one not via a private message. This is my first of many concerns/feedback that I would like to state.
  1. My first concern as someone who browses the forums from time to time is the unfamiliarity with many of the moderators names...yes I recognize the names vaguely but barely ever see them posting in threads or contributing to the community. This seems to be a big issue. If you are not actively contributing to the community, how could you possibly be someone who is good at community moderation? Someone who is actually immersed and invested in the community would do a better job in actually moderating the community. I have recently seen moderators removed that were actively contributing in the community for years and providing value to be removed by moderators who provide absolutely nothing to this community just to flex their muscles I suppose? What is that?
  2. My second concern are the moderators that show very low effort moderation. "HEY YOU DON'T CURSE OR QUIT BEING MEAN" who reach out via private message...this is low effort moderation that does not help the community at all. This is the internet...jabbing and teasing back and forth is the NORM and to be expected. If someone takes it too far, they should be addressed in a public manner in front of the community so others can learn from example not via private PM. This also holds the MODERATOR in charge of their actions and to show they are actually contributing. If their moderation is low effort also others will see and be able to challenge what is going on (implement VAR).
  3. My final concern is the premature shutting down of threads. Yes threads can get off topic or threads can be derailed but the purpose of a forum is DISCUSSION. Yes, FIFA and the XBOX is what brings us together as people but that is not where our discussions should be limited too.

These are my initial thoughts on moderation/feedback going into FUT20 and would love to hear what others on the forum think as well. I mainly would like to see more active moderators in our community along with more publicly viewed moderation.


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    Your mod application has been received, the mod team will contact you if they decide to move forward with your application.
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    I think that one of the forum rules is that moderation shall not be discussed.
  • Carswell
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    iSptmnky wrote: »
    I think that one of the forum rules is that moderation shall not be discussed.

    Yeah I reported OP already
  • Fab
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    I will pass this on to the higher ups.
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    I find this thread disgusting and it should be removed. OP got no respect for these hard working mods.
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    Is this the official @ORANGEeffect05 for mod campaign thread?
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    We are always open to feedback and suggestions but always send them via pm to one of the EA mods or the wider mod team as discussing moderation publicly is against the rules.

    1)Mod team are all active members of the community. And though they may not post in every thread, they do keep an eye on all sections/ threads. Also, we have mods from different time zones, so you may not see every mod on at the same time as yourself.

    2)If someone is warned for a particular post, there will normally be a notification on the original message with the text 'user was warned for this message'. And there is a process that we follow

    3)We try to let threads run, but if a thread has gone completely off-topic and has turned into choas we will lock them. Anything not related to Ultimate Team on the Xbox, can be discussed in the off-topic section of the forum or in the stickied football thread if relating to real life football
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