The Squad Building Clanneges * I LOVE LEAGUE SBCS * Thread 🦖🏀🦎 ⛅ '>' 🤝


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    Who will be the nerds that fail to make Page 1 of the new thread :trollface:
  • not getting my first page streak broken now, not a chance. work can wait :D
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  • Joestoe
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    It’s been a good, infuriating one! Off to another, better year.
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    I really regret not prepping in advance so I could ❤️❤️❤️❤️ block Baggers and start the thread myself
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    dead thread
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    Gonna be my first Fifa in years that I’m not playing at release. No point in me starting on Xbox as I’m moving to PS5 so gonna have to play catch up in November :s

    Slightly annoying as the early weeks are always the most fun trying out players

    I swapped my Xbox for a PS4 solely for that reason. :D

    Have considered this but mainly play warzone now anyways so not much point in me doing that

    Warzone accounts can be linked. Progress didn’t reset.

    Oh really? How do you do it?

    Anyone actually know what’s happening with warzone once the new cod comes out ?

    You’ve got an Activision account, basically log in on their website, link your PS4 account to that one and you’re done. It’s actually mad easy, and shows how ancient EA is when it comes to cross console gaming.

    So if I’m on Xbox one atm link it and then get a PS5 I’ll be able to keep all my stuff right?

    Yeah, pretty sure it just transfers to next gen as well. I played on Xbox one for several months, logged in on my PS4 and my stuff was ready to go. Well, I didn’t know my Activision password so I had to reset it and all, logged in online and linked my accounts.

    It’s like three mins work once you know what you need to do. Pretty sure there are some guides to find out if you’re not sure. Not hard at all though.

    Sweet cheers. Just logged onto activison and think it will just be a case of clicking link to PS5 once it comes out
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    Hicksy2011 wrote: »
    I really regret not prepping in advance so I could ❤️❤️❤️❤️ block Baggers and start the thread myself

    You wouldn't
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    A bit off topic but im gonna post it. Im proud of myself. I have changed my life style the last couple of months. I lost over 15kg so far. Im doing sport everyday, way more healthy food

    Youre an annoying ❤️❤️❤️❤️ but mad props for putting your mind to something and sticking to it. Especially as something as hard as that. Seriously well done! You should be proud!
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    Would love puskas for all game, but without fifa points it’s a bloody distant dream until about Christmas

    It was written in the stars <3
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    Celebrate Lars Ricken's iconic goal against Juventus Turin in the 1997 Champions League final with his Moments Card.

    Posted this in April 2020 😍
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    Feedback @EA_Roger

    We are not interested in icon moment sbc 2-3 weeks before FIFA 23 release.
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