Will Weekly Objectives continue for FIFA 19?

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Not getting FIFA 20 purely because I spent way too much time trading/doing SBC’s the last few years and need a break. Still want to play FIFA so planning on carrying on with FIFA 19. Will the weekly challenges continue to give me a target to aim for each week?


  • Going by fifa 18 the weekly objectives will just keep repeating themselves, so if these are the last ones expect them next week.
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Basic ones for bad packs with nothing in them, most likely.
  • Gloria_ou_Morte
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    Will skip 20 mainly because of all the unsolved problems with 19, but will keep playing 19 whenever I wish to play a football game again.

    Didn't enjoy 20 beta.
  • skHH
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    Dunno but there looks like theres more difficult objectives this year which is good
  • bezo85
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    Thanks all. Even if this weeks continue that’s something at least.
  • Althea
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    Starting from this weekend, I noticed my friends and me getting different weekly objectives, which are drawn randomly from a certain set of objectives. I think this pattern will continue through the rest of year.
  • Gnomenclature
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    Well I guess you still pack icons all year? Will be untradeable, but still something lol. It's so hard to find a match in 19 right now. I'm playing people way lower than me in skill - usually get about 25-30 skill points on a win, right now I'm averaging 12 points lol.

    Had to turn off messaging because of all the hate mail... Not my fault...
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