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Now I have some coins thoughts/reviews on this team.

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had a good pull yesterday (small brag) so I finally don't have to scramble around trying to find a 3k bargain, however with that being said I am like scrooge with my coins now so don't want to just buy a load of expensive players to find I don't like the team.

First let me show you what I am thinking about buying (already have Moreno, Zab and Perez.) I'm looking for anyone's reviews of certain players, any improvements or weaknesses or anything else you think I should know about it.


Just so you know I try to play a passing game, lots of movement, 1-2s or trying to dribble or take on a player or two before finding someone in space or playing a little through ball through to the front man.

one of my worries is the 3 Low defensive work rates for the front 3. are they going to be too disjointed from the rest of the team or will this help make sure they are all together? other than that is there anything else I need to change/adjust?


  • I wouldn't use arteta tbh + the team lacks a bit of strength/height and pace. Perez is also on bad chem although it won't make that big of difference.
  • Littleland95
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    Buy IF Silva but not the other IFs. Their non in form cards play well and you wont notice a difference on them.
  • DefyTheOdds001
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    Thanks that was one of the things I was thinking hmmm maybe go for that team with normal cards and if I don't like it I'm not going to lose anything except maybe tax.
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