What is situation with League One on FIFA 20? No Bury?

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What is situation with League One on FIFA 20? League One will be stuck with 23 teams until the following season where it goes back to 24 but then League Two will be stuck with 23 teams due to no relegation/promotion from the national league.


  • Pwalie86
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    Could be a case of 23 teams in L1 until the following season and it ends up as 24 with 23 teams in L2 and just keep switching each season.

    Unless they change the promotion/relegation spots.
  • Acidvenus
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    No chance of a rest of the world type thing with a small pool of national League teams among other randomly licenced teams?
    I suppose it all happened a little too late for this to be implemented.
  • RileyD
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    They should really just promote an extra team from the League 2 to League 1, Conference to League 2 etc. The losing playoff finalists from Conference South and Conference North should play each other in a Second Chance Game.

    As sad as Bury's situation is, it should give teams lower down the ladder an extra chance to go up the divisions.
  • Pwalie86
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    EA don't have the Vanarama Conference license. And if a team right now from there were put into Fifa 20 then how would they decide which team to promote?
  • Stugg93
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    I’d absolutely love for the National League license to be incorporated into FIFA, and I suspect it would cost barely anything as the National League seemed pretty up for the idea judging by their petition. It’s simply that EA don’t want to spend their resources maintaining the league ratings, creating the kits, clubs etc and redesigning the career mode in England to include them. I do think the league will be added at some point in the future however.

    More specifically to the question, they could add a handful of clubs to FIFA by only adding the play off clubs and two relegated clubs from last season like they used to do in FIFA 2000 for the EFL. That would provide us with the options to play as Notts County, Yeovil Town, Solihull Moors, Eastleigh, AFC Fylde, Harrogate Town and Wrexham, and rebalance the divisions, make the bottom of league 2 interesting.
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