This demo is... kinda good :/

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Tbh i really enjoy playing the demo atm.
Yes finesse shots are totally OP but it just demands a little adjustment in the final release.
I don t really like the new freekick mechanics as in "if it aint broke, don t fix" but it s ok.
(if someone can explain me how to perform curved dipping freekick you re welcome)

I really hope that people won t cry about the defense and the pace because as usual i smell october patches to please noobs with autodefense comeback.
EA, you are on the right way.

ps: i like the fact that new lateral heel to heel is 3* skill. Will make 3* strikers usable


  • Does anyone know how to do a goal while player goes in knee and do header in FIFA 20 Volta Football?
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    Please Have a look in this video and tell me how score a goal and what are the controller button for PC AND PS4 both?? See from 6 minutes 20 secs.
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