New instructions

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Have you seen these new instructions ? They seem very promising

- "Drift Wide" for CAM
- "Drop Between Defenders" for CDM/CM
And also new instructions for the GK


Drift Wide for the 4231 Narrow and 4222 seems very good, I tried "Drop Bet..." in 4231, not fan. I think the ideal formation for this is 41212 (2)/4312


  • john_d_efc
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    Drop Between is perfect for single CDM formations where you want the CDM to play as a half back to allow the full backs to bomb forward
  • madwullie
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    edited September 12
    Drop between defenders = 6atb Park the bus. The opposite of exciting.

    I mean theoretically it's great with FBs pushing up etc, but that's not how the majority will use it in game
  • Davisto
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    Cant wait for that cdm option 😊 now my cdm might actually stay back 😂
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