Why tf is Garrincha not an icon?

There’s been something really **** me off lately and it’s that probably a player that has been compared to Pele is not a fifa icon. Garrincha basically carried Brazil in the 1962 World Cup while pele had an injury and basically dominated the game. If you have seen him play then you will understand that he clearly deserves AT LEAST a 97 rated card for his prime. So EA if you see this (which you probably won’t) please consider this and if he is not an icon by fifa 22 then fifa 21 may be the last fifa that I will buy.


  • El_Nino
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    I honestly don’t know where to start with this.

    Firstly it’s not as simple as he was great make him an icon. They’ll be a tonne of paperwork and licensing needed for EA to give someone an icon card.

    Secondly, and by far most importantly, it would appear you haven’t seen the near icons on Fifa 20....
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