EA access start time

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As always the internet is littered with different info regarding EA access.

It is my understanding it starts from the 19th of Sep and its a 10 hour trial? Its been widely reported as 8 hours for some reason.

Also, is there a confirmed start time for EA access on the 19th?


  • mufcscott__
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    Midnight on the 19th
  • Scrub39
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    Midnight on the 19th

    Thanks man 🤙
  • Pwalie86
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    Pretty sure all games have 10 hour trials. Unless they have changed it, but maybe because some people can beat a game in less than 10 hours in single player. May not purchase the game after that.

    But after checking out the official EA site, it mentions 10 hours.
  • Tboon
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    In an other thread they had a picture and it said it would be available in the evening.
  • alex1987
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    Midnight on the 19th

    Nope. EA Access screen showed either 16 or 18 English time. Don't remember exactly.
  • strings79
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    18 00 uk time on the 19th
  • [Deleted User]
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • IamFrench
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    Last year, the official release date for FIFA19 was September 20 with EA Access.

    September 19th, 4pm UK: FIFA19 was available.

    For FIFA20, the official date is September 19. So I think the game will be available on September 18th.

    Why is the game available before the official date ? Maybe to allow players to download the game because there is no pre-download with EA Access
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