League SBC schedule this year

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Is EA leaving everyone in te dark again on which league is out when?
Or do we get our deserved schedule with which are out when!?

Even better: Release all the leagues from the start and add more picks along the way!


  • nicitel32
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    dream on!
  • Janoe1
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    Its fine like this.
  • Dutch007
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    No it is not fine like this, it would be if they would commit to a fixed timeplan of releasing new leagues
  • CeeQue
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    Easy just buy all the teams from the top 5 league players or at least 15+. Do the same with the rest of the leagues from previous years.
  • greif44
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    EA screwed a lot of investors last year, so I don't see them releasing league SBC schedule.
    Btw in 19 all league SBC reward cards were awful/overpriced so wouldn't care about them this year. I'd still buy silver/bronze cards in advance just in case.
  • treddy
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    League sbcs won't make sense in beginning.. Overpriced players plus rewards with small upgrades
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