Seems quiet this year

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This has to be one of the quietest Fifa releases I have ever seen in terms of forum discussion.

Are people staying away this year? Or is it a case of no ratings released which Is slowing down people having a discussion and planning teams?

Been playing Fifa online since 2004 on old PSN network, finally coming back to Playstation and feel really excited for Fifa following the failings last year.

Out of interest what's the first big player people are going for? Personally looking at Ian Wright as he is my footballing idol so from 100k Fifa points hoping to get him and Neymar to build around.


  • Aqeel87
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    After 19 shambles the excitement has definitely gone for most people.
  • Tradey
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    I think there's a few contributing factors. Last year was obviously a bit of a nightmare. I don't think they've actually released much UT info either compared to other years either. I guess once the ratings come out and a few more things are announced (if anything) then things should pick up.

    I'm looking forward to a fresh start as the beginning is my favourite time of the game but I'm under no illusions that the quality could be poor again!

    I'm looking to get Drogba or Barnes the build around one of them but I guess it depends on what i pack at the start and what the gameplay favours.

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    It was the same last year. People are moving out to reddit. Maybe near the release we'll get more toxic and complaning threads.
  • Benja190782
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    I simply just can’t take another year of ping pong passing and blind first time shots.

    People wanna play football, not this assisted mess of ping pong.
  • Eesa24
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    In terms of 19 we cant change what's been but I feel Fifa always plays well at the beginning and patches and changes tend to make the game less fluid.

    I'm hoping they learn from many of the mistakes of the last years and actually think more about their community than just how much they can milk us.

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    I reckon there will be more activity after ratings release - top 100 tomorrow and probably rest of them during next week.
    For now there's very few info has been released and even leaks don't give a lot of room for speculation.
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