Friendly reminder to EA

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Friendly reminder,

Fifa 19 was the worst sports video game of all time. The gameplay and physics were absurd the entire year. The game was terrible and not fun at all. The entire fifa community is concerned and frustrated that EA is no longer capable of creating a fun and fair game let alone realistic.

Every aspect of fifa 19 was broken.

Pace was u realistic

Passing was inconsistent and binary at best, broken and random at worst

Shots from 30 yards had the same chance of going in as shots from 3 yards out

Player runs were terrible all year

Ai defending - completely broken

So to summarize, running, passing, shooting, defending were all ****. Fifa is overimpacting gameplay with two many weird mechanics and its leaving players feeling like they dont control the game, win or lose, its just random.

What this means is with fifa 20, you are going to have to make incredible improvements to win over the community. I have my presale credit card charge ready to be disputed if this new game isnt 1000% better. So do us all a favor, dont **** this up. Football fans dont have many options so we are relying on you to suck less than you did over the last year.

Good luck


  • Great comment M8 ea need to get their finger out their arse and actually put their powers to good use
  • Ballsantini
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    I honestly dont know what to do.. i can win games at the highest difficulty but i get so angry by insane mechanics and physics in the process that i just dont even bother.. the game is just **** up. Its crazy.

    I have no faith in fifa 20 i think its gonna be a mess. They wouldve fixed fifa 19 if they knew how to do it.
  • d3b4s1s
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    Forget playing against actual players on DR or WL, just play a squad battle or TOTW even in semi-pro difficulty, the s*** the AI does, it infuriates me. Not just that, overall my players capability to dribble/pass/shoot dramatically go down. What a piece of s*** game!
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