NBA 2K20

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Released today. Does anyone play? I’ve never played before but I bought it to try something new. Are there any good forums or sources of info out there? I know nothing at this point! :D


  • Azof
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    Isn't that the casino with a basketball minigame tacked on
  • Shshj
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    I used to play 2K religiously but haven't bothered for a couple of years now. There's plenty of videos/articles out there that'll cover this is in more depth but the game has been completely ruined by microtransactions.

    MyTeam is the usual Ultimate Team stuff, it's a good mode but it's the same FIFA & Madden. If you want to use the best players you either have to grind for weeks or buy packs. 2K's servers are also notoriously horrific.

    MyCareer is the worst casualty, what was once the best mode in sports gaming has been dragged through the mud. Be prepared to grind for hours upon hours for very little reward, unless you're prepared to chuck money at the mode of course.

    If you're interested then watch some reviews and gameplay videos first, just so you know what you're getting into. It's a shame everything surrounding it is so negative now, 2K was always one of the better sports games.
  • Zv1k0
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    No idea how online is, I've never tried it but MyLeague is the best single player game mode in history of sports games. You can play through 80 seasons and you have control of literally everything and you can play it however you want.

    2k forums are official forums of the game.
  • RadioShaq
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    I thought I read it had ads in game you couldn’t skip in 19. I dunno how true that was or if they added it in 20 haven’t played it but thought that would be a bummer.
  • mjs4p
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    Thanks. I’ll search around and see what I can learn. I’ll likely never play it as much as FIFA and won’t spend any extra money, so if that means using lesser players, I’m ok with that.
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