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I think that adjusting pass accuracy could dramatically improve gameplay. According to published videos, passes are always accurate (almost). However, 180 degree passes should always be inaccurate, in other cases it must depend on player's skill, body position and pressing, and ball should almost never be aimed exactly towards legs of a recipient. Believe that such change will eliminate ping-pong style of a game. From the other hand, it doesn't require too much efforts to achieve this.

Somebody agree?

I know that there are options for unassisted controls. But I'm talking about online, where everyone uses assisted controls.

Is there any chance to reach EA people here and ask for changes?


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    I agree 100%

    Passing should take some kind of skill. Right now we can all ping pong pass like every player was Messi. It’s not realistic it’s not fun it’s not rewarding.

    It’s fine we can pass fast and accurate, but not in blind angles.

    Tell the team to nerf the passing assists, please. Blind passes at 180 degrees should be very slow and inaccurate, please.
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