Gameplay wise what do you think of Fifa 19 as a whole?



  • libertao
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    Good gameplay but with some issues.
    Lb+y days were worse, but I don't understand how they messed up the physics so badly to enable first time shots while receiving a pass from behind you to be extremely powerful and accurate, when it should be the exact opposite. Considering how many years it took for them to competently tone down lb+y, I'm a bit worried.
  • ChrisLFC
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    Poor compared to other Fifas
    The exploits were bad but I don't see how its worse than 14. Where you could just LB+Y from your own half with a defender/off the kickoff and have a 1 on 1 chance.

    El tornado crossing to CR7/Bale/Ibra was a joke. Even when I knew it was coming I couldn't stop it half the time. All the first time shots flying in top corner before the patch were disgusting. Spamming la croquetta chains to win cheap penalties.

    However if the exploits weren't spammed it was a miles better game than fifa 14 and maybe 17.
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