What is going on EA.....?

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Three weeks now I have tried Transfer Market for Cardiff GK and still nothing. I need one player to complete EPL sbc and suddenly only the same 4 or five players are constantly available. Why is it when I wasn't needing a GK there was always loads. Get a grip eh


  • nicitel32
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    no one opening packs---no one listing players on the market--no cardiff gk..its simple...just wait 3 weeks for new game
  • Zed2020
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    It's cool I paid 17000 for a 64 bronze gk lol but I got 92 Anderson whose stats are better than 92 Neymar, happy days
    Got him for completing the EPL sbc (for the second time) as Fifa sneaky sods put him in after I'd constructed my Brazilian squad
  • Knowlesdinho
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    Just use your benefits money on packs.
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