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Virgil van Dijk vs Sergio Ramos?

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So since VVD won CL POTY I see alot of comparison between Ramos and Van Dijk. A lot of fans, especially Liverpool fans seems to think VVD is already better than Ramos ever was.

What do you guys think?

I might be biased seeing as I'm a Real Madrid fan, but I still find prime Ramos better than VVD. Ramos is considered from a lot of people and footballers as up there with the best defenders off all time. When it comes to VVD, I do see him as the best defender in the world atm, but I still think he can get better and I also thinks he needs to keep up atleast the level he is at atm in the next 6-7 years to be considered one of the all time great. But I just don't know if he can seeing as he is already 28 years old, while Ramos was around 20 years old when he was one of the best defenders in the world and he only kept getting better.


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    His lack of control at times will always stop Ramos being considered amongst the very best, your CB should be one of the calmest people on the pitch, Ramos has always been a loose cannon capable of missing a tackle.

    You could argue Ramos over VVD from a Career and longevity perspective. But if your talking prime VVD(last year) he’s a better player than Prime Ramos.
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