Captcha Stuck?

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Got the captcha after listing about 8 items on the TP now it's stuck on Web App (Chrome) and Companion App (Android). Not at console currently is there anything I can do or anyone else in a similar position?

I get the below message.

Please refresh the page. If the verification challenge is not triggering, your device might not support loading the verification challenge. Visit to unlock your account.


  • sido1968
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    Keep signing out and in, will load eventually.
  • mook76
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    I had the same problem yesterday. Keep trying. Took a good few hours to finally get it to work.
  • Dont buy anymore coins
  • leon1309
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    edited August 30
    Dont buy anymore coins

    Jup that is it...he must have bought coins. I quess i have too? Ffs.

    Seems EA is intentionaly trying to break their own game even more.
  • Pooter
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    Dont buy anymore coins
    I’ve never bought coins and I still get captcha
  • Masscherano
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    Seemed to fix itself I spoke to EA chat but work got busy as he was signing in as me haha.

    Goes without saying this isn't anything to do with CheeseSlice's comment so I'm not going to lower myself to his level. :)

    Thanks for the comments gents.
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