Brazilian League= A Disgrace

I've always ignored the Brazilian league due to lack of licences but I thought I'd take a look at the teams/players and thought surely it can't be too bad right? Well, EA, the attempt you have made with the generic players is absolutely pathetic.

1) players have ridiculous names that NO Brazilian player would have, 'Formosandrinho', 'Gaterdazadinho', 'Pomodadroninho', some of these names give me a headache just looking at them, and even the ones with normal surnames like Dias, Reis have daft first names.

2) players are either aged 27, 31 or 35 and THATS IT. I mean come on, how lazy can you get? could at least vary it a bit. Also there are no wingers in the league.

I understand why the league is unlicensed but they could of at least made a bit more of an effort with the generic players. Give them names like Emerson, Fred, Cafu, Denilson, Tiago, anything like that, make some talented young players with high potentials. Make it at least playable or you might as well not have the league in at all.

Give us the option to at least edit the generic players, change their name, appearance, age etc.

The only alternative is to transfer Brazilian players from other leagues (Portugese, Japan, Saudi, Korea have a few) and put the generic players into free agents or dump them in another league. But we shouldn't have to resort to that.


  • Agree with you . I am Brazilian and feeling sad with this situation .A lack of respect with the history soccer brazilian.I know about licensing but think that something could be done. Your suggestion about give better names and edit the player is good ideia.
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