Would like to raise my game to the next level advice needed please especially dribbling!

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Hi there, I play On-line Seasons Origin PC I am in Div 3 and this is the first Fifa game I have owned in 15years so feel I have made decent progress but would like to tap into your expertise to take my game to the next level. I have took stock of my strengths and weaknesses and my questions below are centered around where I think I can improve my key strengths are skill moves (not dribbling) shooting, chip throughballs and decent at defending. Would really appreciate your advice on the questions below thanks.

1)how do I run with the ball and confuse my opponent whilst keeping the ball at my feet and actually move past my player rather than having to pass and do a 1-2 for example how do I beat a man directly without skill moves. I have watched so many videos on youtube but having no luck most recently tried the face up dribbling then letting go of l2 but seems so slow and opponent tackles me easy. Is there a secret button combination I feel like I have tried everything I see my opponents some times run so quickly past me with the ball and not lose it effortlessley quick shimmying with the ball stuck to their feet how are they doing this?.

2) Sometime I see my opponent do multiple short dragbacks in close quarters I seem to be only able to do this when I have decent space and minimal players around me as the drag back can be slow and I can get easily knocked off the ball, how do they do this?

3) I have noticed when I have put a good ball through sometimes my opponent has managed to make a player he is not controlling block off the run and cause an obstruction, what is the button to do this as it seems like a useful safeguard?

4) I have noticed before my opponent playng a side diagnoal ball from deep into the box its been an incredibly fast powerful and low long squared/diagonal ball. I am aware of the driven pass but this seems more powerfull?


  • Any help would be much appreciated
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    Keep an eye on the player your opponent is controlling.. And don't touch the sprint button unless your running to a through ball or lobbed pass
  • Thanks Treddy what I cant figure out though is when I flick the leftstick my player seems so slow I cannot understand how my opponent is moving so quick if they are not using run? If I am defending do I not hold run?
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    That’s what I’ve never understood when people say don’t use sprint. Even with sprint pressed I’m caught most of the time even when yards through on goal or the wing so what’s the alternative ??
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    Anyone else?
    This is a Fifa forum help me please!! :D
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    i have been playing fifa onine since Fifa 11. Believe me Fifa19 is the worst fifa with AI defence/Block. No matter which skill move u try AI will auto defend if oponent didnt press Tackle button. I have seen many oponent who controls 2nd defender who is away from you and he knows that Ai will auto defend. Its the worst Fifa who wants to play with many skill moves.
    Most effective skill is Iniesta skill move 4*
  • I agree the Iniesta La Croqueta is a great move, probably should use the AI to defend myself and join the exploit wagon but I am used to manual defending!
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