Players missing

Anyone know what's going on, half my players have disappeared and some that I have sold have reappeared! My players have also gone back in time, ie Richarlison is on 99 goals and yet he has scored more than that. I only know this because Alan Smith kept banging on about him scoring his 100th goal


  • i'm having the exact same problem.. i spoke to tech support, they said it was a maintenance error and the accounts effected should have everything restored soon... i just hope it's pretty fast, i had just bought paul scholes on the market.. i did that sbc for sterling's 96 award winner card, i swapped 5 swap deal cards for an ultimate pack and all them players are missing too. also all them loans everyone got are gone too..
  • Just don't buy or pre order Fifa 20 if they don't fix this tbh.
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