MAN UTD CM Project!

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I want to begin by saying for the longest time now I've been playing FIFA CM, usually with a bunch of different teams from different countries. A few weeks ago I was playing as Manchester United (the team I support) and I realized that I hadn't ever done a CM where I played consecutive seasons.

I used to play NHL franchise mode where you play like a dynasty and build for 10 seasons.. has anyone ever played out a full 10 season on fifa with their favorite team? :)

I decided I wanted to go further back, I have played fifa since it's creation back in 93/94 on the SEGA Megadrive, so obviously I didn't want to go that far back LOL, however using the 3 titles I have I am attempting something quite ridiculous. I want to complete and document 10 seasons on each titles of FIFA 17, FIFA 18, FIFA 19 and maybe when fifa 20 comes out I'll do that too, I realize it will take some time to do but I've already knocked down my first season on FIFA 17.

I created a backstory, for those who remember after the departure of LVG we appointed Jose Mourinho, in my storyline the appointment instead went to former CB Frank Ceciu (PES ML), i used the generic bald guy as the choice for the Manager :p

I also implemented some other storyline changes, I decided to honor the first 4 transfers on the game, Bailly, Mkhitaryan, Pogba and Zlatan, play through S1 and see where I am in the summer. Because fifa doesn't allow you to record all time statistics does anyone do this using their spreadsheet or is that just way too geeky? haha.

I'd love to hear back from any of you gamers if you have Instagram and post up CM pics, let me know below and also if you have done a 10 season CM what happened and how many titles did you win?
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