Mid vds vs toty ddg

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Who is the best option?
Anyone used both and can give a comparison?


  • Primofusion
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    TOTY DDG better for me personally, some of the reaction saves he pulled off for me have been incredible.
  • HishamAyman
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    Mid VDS
  • Lackosweat
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    Still DDG
  • treddy
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    Ddg parries a lot
  • Hulkmodus
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    OK ty guys. Now I need to hope someone lists him for a good price
  • Jonboyparker
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    I have Mid VDS. Had him for a long time and is very consistent. Paid 400k!

    Just used DDG in draft and he let every header in. Not sure what kind of review that is... but it’s there.

    Go with whichever helps the Chem of your team or you can afford. Or go with which one you like the look of more. Honestly don’t think there much difference tbh.
  • 3MenandaBebe
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    Makes no difference to the number of goals you will concede
  • CheeseSlice
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    91 lloris ...champs league is another option
  • Althea
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    I have tried both and ddg is miles better for me. Not even close.
  • MurkingFools
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    gea has the best reflexes in the game

    mid vvd has better diving reach, better at claiming crosses, better at dealing with free kick and corners, has long throw trait,
  • D0lvl
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    I didn't see a difference btw 93 DDG and TOTY DDG. I re-bought 93 DDG btw. I was using Ederson for this past WL but these first time shots outside of the box was killing me especially by these loan TOTY cr7 and PIM Pele.

    Some were short by literally inches of being deflected by Ederson. Figured DDG or VDS/Courtous would've deflected these. (Ederson 6'2 vs DDG 6'4, VDS/Courtois 6'6").
  • Hulkmodus
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    Hey guys.
    I went with toty ddg. I had nif and 93 before and he outshines them both. In 10 games not a single mistake and some game winning saves for me.

    Was the right decision
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