Make career mode Realistic

1. World class players available for pre contract after every season is very stupid. I can sign all players above 90 rated for free within 4-5 seasons
2. I can’t sign a player who’s contract is expiring in 6 months. The only option is waiting till next summer window. What kind of logic is that
3. Why I am not able to send a player on loan immediately after I sign or promote him to first team.
4. Manager should be allowed to make change in the basic position of a player. Like LM->LW, RW->ST etc.
5. Player value should vary more depends on the potential. Like Joao Felix moved for 120M to make the game more realistic
6. Stop players moving to smaller clubs in simulated world. Can you imagine Mbappe moving to a mid table club in EPL?
7. How many 94 rated players are there in the world after Messi and Ronaldo. Even if you consider the potential, I can’t see anyone having a potential of 94 other than Mbappe and Naymar realistically.
And imagine I can bring 4-5 Messis/Ronaldos every year to my youth academy. How realistic it is?
Best academies can produce 2-3 players above 85 on an average per year. And a world class player once in a while. Please fix it
8. Scouting players: After I set the rules and sending my scouts, why should I ask to scout each and every player separately? Come on, if it’s only for the name, why should I send the scout? Can’t I search directly?
9. Why is it not possible to directly ask to scout a player who is on my transfer shortlist?
10. Find some new ways to spend the money like improving the stadium, youth academy, supporting coaches etc. There is a lot money accumulated in 3-4 years which I can’t use for anything other than just signing all world class players
11. I hope the player potential related issues are already fixed in 2020 version


  • frankibo
    55 posts Park Captain
    All sensible ideas with substance instead of the superficial nonsense most people are interested in.

    Based on the beta none of them are there however. 1, 2 and 3 are big ones for me and would surely be simple to implement and would improve the transfer system immeasurably.
  • DC13485
    96 posts Park Captain
    I think the move to next gen really messed up CM. It's why features all the way back to PS2 never carried over to PS3. The issues with coding it all again I'm sure creates a chain reaction of issues. If Career was EA's biggest money spinner, it would be different. Such is why we only get dripfeed new additions year to year. The likes pressers and diynamic potential are great but not game changers.
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