Created Players in Career

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Hello everyone!

While we all wait in anticipation for FIFA 20, there seems to be an issue with FIFA 19 that recently started happening.
I created a player in the team I was going to play with in Career. This time around it was Wolves. Everything was good, 2nd season. Took me about a month to get there, since I don't have that much time in front of my PC. Last night when I entered Career, to my surprise, my created player was gone, nowhere to be seen. I go to Squad Hub, thinking that there might be a slim chance that I may have loaned him somewhere (even if I don't remember to). FIFA 19 crashed after trying to enter Squad Hub. I was like okay, lets try out a test career with a different team. I choose Aston Villa, career starts, my player is there, even played the first friendly. I exit, go back to career and my player was gone again. Tried the squad hub again, and fifa crashed. Trying reinstalling FIFA with no success for career. I dont know if anyone else has experienced this issue, but would be great if someone knows how to fix it.

Thank you in advance ! :)
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