So is the broken first time shot gone?

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Can anyone confirm that the broken first time shot has been nerfed in FIFA 20?

I can’t take another year with that broken 180 degree blind first time shot.
A first time shot should be harder to hit on target, not easier.

So is it gone?


  • Shaanxz
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    Blind first times shots are dead. But first time shots at a good angle is still very good
  • Covkilla91mob
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    Yea but keeper gives parry and they get rebound so could be improved .

    Crossing tho is now finally not op a im happy with that.
  • RobRokk
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    edited August 25
    A first time shot is just a first time shot... Shouldnt be more or less... Shouldnt be rewarded for it or punished in anyway... Im saying this since there are so many other things to consider before scoring a goal... You also need to aim , press hard or light enough, position your char well enough, and be lucky the opponent isnt in your way, etc. All variebles should be full filled before a goal is scored, imo and no matter what lvl or type of char you use...
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