Their games is only about sucking money from people. First you pay for the game, then the want money from you if you want to level up in their games. Espeacial the FIFA football series stink. Its all about money money money money. EU law forbid this type of games and lets hope they BAN this **** EA series.


  • Azof
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    It is easy to play fut all year without spending a penny
  • Benja190782
    1289 posts Professional
    I’ve never spent a penny on FUT since it’s release, but still I’ve had Prime Ronaldinho, Gullit etc. and two full TOTS squads every year. You only spent money on this broken game if your stupid. No offence but it’s the truth...
  • JayJayhull92
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    You don't have to spend just play the game, sbcs, objectives rivals squad battles weekend league loads of things you can do to build a team easily.
  • Chavez76
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    every game is about making money for their makers.
    Move along, nothing to see here.
  • Tootrill22
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    Azof wrote: »
    It is easy to play fut all year without spending a penny

    Well I used to believe this too until they banned me from the transfer market
  • Druski5150
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    Don’t want to pay more after buying the game? Don’t play FUT. I only play career mode and online seasons. Playing “fantasy soccer” just does not appeal to me.
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