Am I too old to celebrate a late goal ?

270 posts Sunday League Hero
Opponent pauses 1 min, makes a sub. (Can you not put a team together with 100 chem ? )

Proceeds to make as many pauses as possible in first half, maybe tactics, maybe not, who knows what for.
Plays most of the match doing spins, step overs and the usual jigs. Watches every scene, goal kicks, near misses blah blah. I'm winning 1-0 for most of the game, he equalises around 80 mins, does the watch replays again.

3 mins of injury time, i score a header from a corner, in the 94th minute.

So I shout, get up from my chair and do a chicken dance round my liivng room.

I'm 63. Should I be acting my age ?

It felt good though.


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