FIFA 15 Ultimate Team's Future

posts Ball Boy
edited August 24
Hi, i am deeply concerned about the future of fifa 15 ultimate team, as i have spent alot of time and money on the game.
Eventually there will be a shortage of contracts on the market & without contracts, player cards will be unplayable,
unless we buy packs for contracts. Also it'll be harder to find opponents in the online seasons, but seeing as though
there is a SINGLE season mode which is what i play, that isnt an issue.
It would seem unfair to shut down ultimate team because of the lack of players, contracts,
when there's a SINGLE season mode were you can win packs that give untradable cards!
Is the only solution to remove contracts entirely? OR contracts are NOT used in single season mode? (through an update).
Is this even possible? I dont want to see all that money i spent wasted!
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