Belguim fut swap token

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Is it score 5 goals in total or score in 5 separate games


  • limjitwe
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    Total 5
  • spy
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    Wish I had hazard for this. Going to have to do it with 86 Origi and 86 Batshuayi
  • PiotrLolo
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    edited August 24
    I'm trying to do this but noone wants to exchange goals. Also searching for opponent in Rivals takes ages. Game is dead.
  • Safehands84
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    My only Belgium gold is futmas Jordan lukuku, think I'll just take zaha and leave the SBC one still to come, was going to take courtois
  • Rasstro
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    Did it in two games with Carnibal Mertens and futmas de Bruyne. Didn’t even care about winning but the other players both put in their loans from the other day after I took a lead. Won 3-2 and 5-2.
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