Will squad battles on 20 be as inconsistent

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If u played squad battles on 19 then you will know what I mean when I say ea cant count cos in there book 70 is better than 90 lol. Iv lost track of times iv beat 85+ rated teams 5 goals plus on world class only to barely scrape a win in next game against 75 or below teams due to **** teams being able to play better than decent teams


  • Aitvaras
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    Most likely. Dynamic difficulty FTW.
    In 18 near the end of the season I was purposely getting red card or two at the beginning of the match, just to give myself some kind of a challenge (on legendary). Now If i get an early red my team starts to act like EA awarded them with extra chromosome, even on world class against a team of bronzes.
  • Dave2829
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    Ah I never tried that lol and dynamic difficulty isn't in the game cos ea said so even though it clearly is lmao
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